hi 👋 my name is kim and I love the web.

I am a full stack developer, native with the cloud and an experienced team lead.

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Kim Schneider | Cloud Developer - Software Architect - Team Lead

Loving the web since 1999

It all started with Pokémon Red and my sudden urge to create an online Pokédex for the young internet.
After a couple of weeks "Frontpage Editor" wasn't enough anymore. A short trip to a local electronics store, where a book about HTML, CSS and DHTML made me fall in love with web technology.
In the early 2000s every website had to have a guestbook, a forum and a visitor counter. Driven by the desire to learn, I wanted to build all that on my own. So I started with PHP.
Me, the unorthodox, creative, self learning developer, got formed at a big classic german software company, learned Java and moved on to a small company, that was willing to open new perspectives.
That's where a very small team, including me, started Server-Eye - SaaS, now one of the biggest hardware and software monitoring solutions on the european market.

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My skills

  • Full Stack Web Development
  • Windows Client Development
  • Software and Cloud Architecture
  • Team Lead
  • Knowledge Transfer

My stack

  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • nodejs
  • .NET
  • Redis
  • mongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • socket.io
  • Docker
  • git

Work experience (Pick a year)

2005 Trainee + J2EE
2008 Software Developer
2010 nodejs + Message Queues
2011 Senior Software Developer
2013 noSQL + Team Lead
2016 100.000+ Clients + microservices
2019 timescaledb
2022 Freelancer

2005 - 2008

Software Developer Trainee at IDS Scheer AG (now Software AG)

Learning and working with Java/J2EE. Private projects with PHP, JavaScript and HTML/CSS.

2008 - 2011

Full Stack Developer at Krämer IT Solutions GmbH

2008 - 2010

Prototyping with Apache Grizzly and Comet in a J2EE environment. Websockets weren't a thing, yet, and sockets difficult to handle. Experimenting with bi-directional client server communication by using XMPP, JMS and multiple other common protocols.

2010 - 2013

Using lightweight nodejs web servers as main API endpoints instead of the heavy monolithic J2EE server.

Implementation of a message queue communication between different services to improve scalability and reliabilty.

The low ressource footprint of nodejs helped me to rethink enterprise application design in general. It was possible to slice a big web application into multiple independent services, which became one of the key features of the now common microservice architecture concepts.

2011 - 2022

I am responsible for the application design and technical decisions in general.

2011 - 2013

Senior Full Stack Developer at Krämer IT Solutions GmbH

Working on Server-Eye full time, no more side projects.

2013 - 2022

Senior Full Stack Developer and Team Lead at Krämer IT Solutions GmbH

Starting two new development teams (backend and frontend). Teaching students, new employees and junior developers. Working with them on their programming skills, general knowledge and understanding of software and software architecture and supervising their bachelor/master thesis.

2013 - 2016

Adapting mongoDB for specific use-cases MySQL was not suitable for.

Server-Eye is self hosted by the companies' own tech department. Working with them on an easy solution to scale backend systems across multiple servers without vendor locking to one of the many different upcoming services, like Docker.

Release of a public API, so everyone can access all of the data offered by the frontend. Customers should be able to integrate our data into their workflows.

2016 - 2019

More than 100.000 windows clients are connected to our backend services. Ever increasing load requires moving to more modern failover concepts - introduction of Docker.

Websockets replace the reliable https long polling method, enabling faster and more stable real time requests to clients.

2019 - 2022

Reworking most of the backend to adapt to new industrie standards and technologie that was designed for cloud environments.

Restructuring and reworking backend services and form a real microservice environment.

Improving the overall data flow of the software, to be able to hop on and hop off at every step of the data processing chain.

Introducing timescaledb to host specific timebased data and process the more than 150 Mb/s of data traffic more efficiently.


Starting December 2022, I will offer my knowledge and experience as a Full Stack Cloud Developer, Software Architect and Team Lead.

Let's get in contact, so we can find out how we can make each others life a bit easier!

What former collegues have to say about me

Martin Staudt
Martin Staudt

Kim was my manager at Server-Eye and did a great job. He always gave me the freedom I needed to develop new ideas for the product.
Even if we didn't always agree, there was always an open exchange, which enabled me to grow in my role as a software developer.
The targeted questioning of my decisions and occasional pair programming also contributed to this.
With his relaxed and appreciative manner, Kim managed to impart in-depth knowledge of the Server-Eye product and modern enterprise software development in the SaaS environment to me.

Now: Frontend Architect @ Neodigital Versicherung AG Then: Junior Frontend Developer @ Krämer IT Solutions GmbH

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